Thursday, 22 June 2017

Talavera 208 - Video Tour

With just one day to go before the first game of Talavera 208, it's all getting rather exciting, with the players swapping last minute comments, monies coming into the 'Just Giving' page bringing the pot up to £700, catering arrangements booked for the weekend and some last minute adjustments to the initial positions to reflect how things stood on the day.

It struck me whilst making these last minute adjustments, rather than waiting until the weekend to show you the final start points, I would do a couple of video tours of the opposing lines with a bit of commentary about the set up.

So for a bit of fun just to ramp up the interest I present two video clips uploaded to JJ's YouTube walking through the opposing lines.

On reviewing the clips the sharp eared among you will spot the occasional error in my off the cuff verbal descriptions. The ADC to King Joseph was of course Marshal Jourdan, not Marshal Suchet, he hadn't got his baton at this stage of the war and of course the French legere would be 'taking it' to  Bassecourt's Spanish not Beaumont who had a big enough job managing the French I Corps Light Cavalry brigade - doh!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the collection and I hope you enjoy this little pre-game aperitif.

If you feel inclined to support the project and make a contribution to 'Combat Stress' then just follow the link;


  1. Good luck tomorrow and remember to enjoy the game :-)

  2. Lovely layout Jonathan. You must be so excited to get to the weekend after all the painting and preparation.
    It was beaut to see those videos. Brilliant ad libbing by the way, a few minor errors with names perfectly understandable and excusable!
    Have a great game!

    1. Thank you James. I spent yesterday afternoon getting the room set up and sorting out a few catering arrangements, with nothing now left to do but play. It feels a bit strange not having painted anything for a week but I decided to focus on enjoying the other part of the hobby, namely the social and playing side and creating some memories.
      Thanks for your comment

  3. Sorry I can't be there! Looking forward to the write up

    1. Hi Steve, great day yesterday, with the game perfectly balanced going into day two. It feels like a cricket test match with the momemtum swinging back and forth. This size of game feels quite different from anything else we have played so far. I think you will enjoy this next month.