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O'er the Hills Kickstarter - Resources for Carnage & Glory II and Over the Hills

With the Kickstarter currently running for 'Oer the Hills' I have pulled together a resources page should you choose to use the book using either Over the Hills or Carnage & Glory II.

Both sets greatly influenced the thinking and design of this book being excellent vehicles for modelling historical Napoleonic scenarios.

If you are interested in finding out more about Oe'r the Hills and supporting the Kickstarter then follow the link below and if you would like to see what resources are gathered here then read on, with the first section covering Carnage & Glory II (C&G II) and the second section Over the Hills (OTH).

Kickstarter - Oer the Hills Early Peninsula War Scenarios 1808-1809

Carnage & Glory II Resources

To use O'er the Hills with C&G II you would normally need to tap in all the units to start with, setting up the unit values together with the commander ratings beforehand or instead you could make use of the source files that I have already prepared and were used in our games.

The units and commanders are the same as listed in O'er the Hills, all you need to do is adjust your final list of units in your game order of battle as per each scenario and you are good to go.

In addition I have included the event cards that we used in our Talavera games that add that little extra Talavera flavour.

We simply issued three cars to each player and allowed them to play just one card each turn having that card replaced at the end of the turn. Alternatively they could opt to throw a card back into the deck and draw an alternative.

Cards could also be used to moderate another players card in addition to the one played for their side but we allowed only one card to be returned to the hand each turn.

White label cards are non force specific, coloured cards can only be played by the corresponding side which adds another option in that by keeping ones hand out of sight of the opposition a certain level of bluff could be achieved and if that card is in you possession you know it can't be played against you.

The cards are designed to be flexible enough to allow you to use them how you want.

Carnage & Glory II Talavera Files

'Yes but what about the other scenarios listed in the book?', I hear you say.

Well you should find the other pre Talavera actions are covered by previously released Orders of Battle for games such as Oporto, Vimeiro, Rolica and Corunna.

Carnage & Glory II Rolica Files

Carnage & Glory II Vimeiro Files

Carnage & Glory II Corunna Files

Carnage & Glory II Oporto Files

For the other scenarios I'm afraid you will have to tap in your own data, but the good news is that the really big ones are already covered by the lists I have made available and setting up the smaller extra scenarios should be straight forward given the data I have put together in the others that you can then work from.

Over the Hills Resources

And for those who follow JJ's Wargames using Over the Hills, don't forget you can access the OTH Resources file that carries copies of our OTH QRS and Brigade Morale cards we used in the play-testing.

All the test games and more can be accessed here, just scroll down to look back.

These aids included our own version of the QRS, designed around 15/18mm figures that we were playing our games with adapted from the rule book and from other versions produced by other players of Over the Hills.

We decided to play all the extra rules and wanted those readily available on the QRS and these took several games to make sure we had captured everything we wanted.

Over time we added a few changes of our own that we played as house rules and I have included copies of the standard and JJ's house rules options in the folder.

You will also see the Force Morale cards we used together with our orders dice. I have included the twelve cards we produced for both French and Allied forces and you can either use dice or order tokens with them to indicate a force's set of orders.

Over The Hills Order Tokens

Finally, because we were using the orders system regularly we decided to put together an Orders QRS which outlines the can and can't do requirements for each order together with the issuing summary.

Over the Hills Resources

So there you are, pretty much everything you might need other than the rules, figures and terrain to play any of the scenarios in O'er the Hills using Over the Hills or Carnage & Glory II.

Kickstarter - Oer the Hills Early Peninsula War Scenarios 1808-1809

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