Saturday, 2 July 2022

All at Sea - Jack's British Squadron Launched and Ready for Sea Trials

This year I have set myself a task to build collections of 1:700th age of sail ships for friends at the Devon Wargames Group who, like me, are keen enthusiasts for this era and wanted a similar collection to my own.

It's fun building these models for friends and the nice thing is that, as we are all members of the Devon Wargames Group, there is a good chance I will get to see these models again out on the table which adds to the fun of being a member of the club, able, should we wish, to put on large games, with lots of toys, whilst also to call on people to host games as and when.

In the previous months of 2022 I have built a British and French squadron for Bob and now have turned my attention to a similar project for Jack, with the aim of adding to their collections with a Spanish squadron each, plus some of the extra character models such as the third rates of renown and other notable ships.

This particular build has focussed on the British Fleet box set from Warlord Games together with their lovely model of HMS Victory and will be my third build of one of these box sets, so the models are becoming very familiar.

The third rates, generic first rate and HMS Victory from the Warlord Games, Black Seas range of models

The frigates and brigs built from the Warlord British fleet box seen above

In addition to showing the models from this particular build, I know, if previous posts are to go by, I'm likely to inspire questions about the bases I've used for mine and Jack's models featured here, together with the way I go about rigging the kits and so before asking me, please take a look at the following links which I hope should answer most if not all of any questions you might have.

As I first built these models back in 2020, posting with a fairly detailed look at the history of the named ships they represent, rather than repeat myself, I have posted links to those post under each group of models should you want to know more. So without further ado.

The Brigs
Jack asked me to build a couple of the six brigs contained in the fleet box, so he can have a go at the others with reference to these two.

I must admit that since building the first models over two years ago I know my technique has improved and looking back over some of my first posts, my first attempts look to me to be a bit primitive in comparison to these.

Each model is a basic variation with different colours on the bulwarks and gun carriages but provide a fairly generic look for a Royal Navy brig of the period 1793 to 1815, which is what I intended to achieve.

The fairly standard 18-gun brig is nicely captured by these models

The Frigates
If you are interested in a summary of the history of these models featured in the Warlord box set then I have attached the link from my original post that covers the story of these very famous Royal Navy ships.

HMS Naiad

HMS Indefatigable

HMS Euryalus

The Third Rates
As with the frigates you can follow the link below to my first post looking at the history of these particular Royal Navy third rates together with the ideas and pictures that inspired their look.

HMS Ajax

HMS Mars

HMS Colossus

Generic First Rate - Flagship for a Vice Admiral of the White
For Jack's generic first rate, I went for a Revolutionary War trim to the gun-strakes and made this imposing model a suitable 'office' for a Vice Admiral of the White with his pennant flying from the foremast, indicative of his position commanding the Van Squadron of the fleet.

HMS Victory 'England Expects!'
This model needs no introduction, being perhaps the most famous ship of the age of sail era, and certainly the oldest still in commission and a sight to stir the emotions of any Brit able to stand alongside her and admire her imposing lines.

As Jack is ex Royal Marines, I knew he would want Victory in her Trafalgar suit of colours as the flagship of Lord Nelson and flying his famous signal.

One of my favourite pictures of my own collection, with my Victory in action at the Warlord Games HQ with the Trafalgar refight we did for the anniversary of the battle in 2021.

Again if you would like to read more about the ship together with my own personal link to Lord Nelson in a certain document in my possession, together with the story of Lady Nelson who is buried in our parish church, then follow the link below.

So that completes the first stage of Jack's collection and the next build will move on to the French, which will also include a few extra models, one being a French first rate for Bob and some small ships for my own collection - more anon. JJ

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