Monday, 17 June 2013

5th Battalion, King's German Legion

As mentioned in the previous post I have managed to get some painting done in a very busy week. So, just in time for Waterloo Day tomorrow, 18th June, may I introduce, standing in for His Majesty's 4th King's Own foot in my forthcoming Corunna scenario, His Majesty's 5th battalion, King's German Legion, which will be making regular appearances in future scenarios

The battalion is composed of an AB mounted Colonel, fusilier company men and skirmishing flank company from Campaign Game Miniatures, and flank company men and command party group from Fantassin. I think 18mm Napoleonic collecting has never been so blessed, with the ability to mix and match manufacturers in collections, as I hope I've shown.

The Colours are from the superb range of 15mm Napoleonic colours supplied by GMB. I think they are excellent. The importance of good colours and flags cannot be overlooked, as they can really make the final look of the unit and in my opinion should not be considered as something to be saved on.

The links to all the manufacturers mentioned can be found on my "Links" bar.


  1. Brilliant stuff, another great unit -thanks for posting.

    1. ...just took your recommendation about GMB Flags and ordered a couple of packs, looking forward to seeing them "in the hand".


    2. Thanks John.

      You'll love the the flags, the detail is excellent, and they really hold their shape.

      All the best


  2. Outstanding job on the KGL. I have a question about this unit. Why the choice of white trousers? From what I recall, the KGL were the first to adopt the grey overalls and wore such in the Peninsula.

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    1. Thank you Jon.

      Good question. As far as I know the lighter white over trousers were not discarded entirely as they were often worn during the summer, being cooler than the heavier grey. What ever the regulations or choices available to the troops at the time, I take the view that troops on campaign, dress very differently from what any regulations dictate. So my units are depicted in a mix of whites, greys and Spanish local brown cloth.

      Strictly speaking, I intend this unit to stand in for the 4th King's Own in my Corunna scenario, where at that time in the Peninsular War they would more likely have been in whites with black gaiters to the knee, but I will be doing most of my collection for the mid to late period and so the campaign look for all my units seem more appropriate.

    2. I completely agree with your assessment regarding campaign dress. Anything goes and regulations are often disregarded. I only thought you might have additional information wrt KGL trousers. Again, another finely painted unit!


    3. Well you had me checking my references. The Mike Chappell Osprey KGL vol 1 illustrates the infantry in 1811 in white overalls. The book states that the illustrations are based on regulation dress, not what would have been seen due to the rigours of campaigning.
      It would seem that, as I would have expected, the KGL were dressed and operated as their British colleagues.

      The main difference with the infantry is light companies being armed with rifles rather than muskets. That will help giving an additional round of skirmish fire using Carnage & Glory II.