Sunday, 2 June 2013

British Infantry Facings and Lacings - Oporto

A list of British Infantry battalions by brigade, for the Oporto Campaign in the spring of 1809, with their Facings and Lace details. The strengths for the two Battalions of Detachments, made up of the men left behind from the units of Sir John Moore's army, are listed by facing and lace together with a rough percentage of men in each to help with figure numbers for your model battalions.

The list is available to download as a PDF under My Resources and Downloads


  1. Thanks for posting these, they are really useful.
    I am getting back into Napoleonics & the Peninsular in particular after many years. I have started collecting and painting British in 15mm and have found your website a great source of information/inspiration.

    1. Hi Jacksarge.

      Thanks for your comment mate, and keep inspired.