Friday, 7 June 2013

Pyrrhic Victory - A Severe Case of Phalangites

And now, as the saying goes, for something completely different.

Every now and then I find myself painting troops for friends, which often entails moving out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to painting for an old friend of mine who is big into ancients. I like the opportunity this gives me to expand my painting ability by being able to work with a different colour palette.

These guys are straight off the paint desk ready to be delivered to their owner. I hope you like them Steve.

Over the next few weeks my painting roster of Peninsular War units will be shared with other Pyrrhic units and some Saga troop types.

Next up, with the week of D Day remembrance, I'm running a Pegasus Bridge game at the Devon Wargames Group.


  1. They look brilliant. What manufacturer and scale are they?

    1. Hi Jacksarge.
      The figures are 15mm mainly from one manufacturer, but I don't know which.
      Hopefully I'll be handing them over to Steve who can enlighten us all as to who makes them.
      I will also be working on some Greek hopolites and German cavalry for him so I'll get the information on them before I post the pictures.

      Love the Naploeonic Brits by the way, glad to see your scratching that itch.

  2. Jonathan,
    Your Phalangites are fantastic! Your friend should be very proud to field that nice collection of figures in his army.

  3. Majority are Donnington ( the ones with the longer pikes), back rank contains a few Tin Soldier . Finding decent proportioned 15mm Figures is tricky,I like Chariot and Essex but they are a bit weedy so I only buy specific types , mainly Chariot based items . Otherwise its always Donnington were possible however I need to re look at Tin Solder again but with care . Some can be a bit gigantic or dwarf like. Thanks Jon, these should blend in well with the rest of the army .