Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back from Holiday - Normal Service is Ressumed

Our last day in the Maldives was very special. We had arranged to go out on the boat straight after breakfast to watch dolphins. The day was warm and sunny with very little breeze, giving very flat sea conditions, perfect for dolphins.

Just five minutes on the speed boat and we were on the far side of the lagoon and right in the middle of a large pod of dolphins swimming along side us. Then suddenly the fun started. I have a video button on the camera and switched to that as dolphins started to leap from the water doing somersaults and tail slaps - fantastic!!

That was on Monday, Tuesday was a day of travel, starting with a seaplane back to Mali then Sri Lanka Air back to Heathrow, London via Colombo, thirteen hours of flying. We stayed overnight in London and drove back to Devon via Stonehenge in Wiltshire.
I've driven past this ancient monument for years and never stopped to look at it properly, so as Carolyn and I were still in tourist mode we joined all the other foreign coach loads of visitors and went round the stones to get a close up view of this amazing and enigmatic monument.
So home at last and still operating on Sri Lankan time I find myself in front of the computer at 05.40, updating my ITunes, wow I've got lots of great podcasts to listen to, and putting together this post. It's so good to have a half decent internet connection!!

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