Saturday, 15 February 2014

4th Legere - Peninsular War

With the completion of the 4th Legere, I just have two more Legere units to complete for Oporto. In the absence of any other data on the precise look of this unit, and I know that is creating a hostage to fortune here, I have chosen to have my 4th Legere looking rather flashy in full dress with chords on and bearskins for the elite companies.

4e Regiment d'Infanterie Legere          
Regimental History
1788: Created 4e bataillon de Chasseurs Corses(formed from)
2e bataillon Regiment Royal-Corse
1791: 4e Bataillon d'Infanterie Legere (4e bataillon de Chasseurs)
1794: 4e Demi-Brigade d'Infanterie Legere (1st formation, formed from the following)
4e batailllon de Chasseurs
1er bataillon, Volontaires de la Creuse
5e bataillon, Volontaires de l'Ain
1796: 4e Demi-Brigade d'Infanterie Legere (2nd formation, formed from the following)
8e Demi-Brigade d'Infanterie Legere (1st formation)
2e bataillon, 52e Demi-Brigade d'Bataille
5e bataillon, Volontaires de l'Isere
1er bataillon, Volontaires de la Charente
Batailllon de Nyons
1803: 4e Regiment d'Infanterie Legere  

Regimental War Record (Battles and Combats)

1794: Kaiserlautern
1795: Mayence
1796: Montenotte, Dego, Mondovi, Borghetto, Lonato, Castiglione, Rivoli and Arcole
1798: Pyramides
1799: Mont-Tabor and Aboukir 
1800: Heliopolis, Canope, and Fort  Bard
1805: Ulm and Diernstein
1807: Straslund and Friedland
1808: Rio-Seco, Vimeiro, Burgos, and Torquemada
1809: Villafranca, Lugo and  Corogne, and Oporto
1810: Busaco
1811: Sabugal and Badajoz
1812: Arapiles
1813: Vitoria and Bayonne
1813: Lutzen, Bautzen, Dresde, Kulm, and Leipzig
1814: Orthez
1814: Champaubert, Montmirail, and Vauchamps
1815: Ligny and Waterloo 

Regimental History and Battle Honours from the Napoleon Series

As can be seen the 4th Legere got a lot of experience fighting the Anglo-Portuguese forces in the Peninsular War so these chaps will be on the table more often than not.

My unit is composed of AB figures except the Carabiniers which are Warmodelling. The standard is from GMB.


  1. Superbe travail j'adore les figurines AB, avec de t'elles figurines nous allons reconquérir l'Espagne. A bientôt Christian.

    1. Salut Christian,
      Merci pour votre commentaire. AB chiffres sont dans une classe à part et sont un plaisir à peindre. Je vais avoir à obtenir une bande sonore du pas de charge quand mon français sont sur ​​la table, juste pour garder les joueurs alliés nerveux.

      S'il vous plaît excuser mon français


  2. Excellent work! Good call on the full dress uniforms too, the only way to paint Napoleonic uniforms IMO

    1. Cheers Steve, yes I know what you mean, full dress really grabs the eye and somehow makes you feel the pain more when they take casualties

  3. I like flashy uniforms! The red/yellow plumes and yellow bags scream flashy and high fashion! Great job!

  4. Cheers guys. All this painting in blue is getting me ready to start the Portuguese which as it is 1809 will have them still in their 1808 uniform. They're AB figures so I am really looking forward to getting them started.

  5. I am a little confused, does this mean in 1809 you have to repaint them or buy them again a second time and what happens in Winter/Summer when the trouser colours changed? as I use the way they wore their hats to determine who is Napoleon and who is Wellington its not obvious to us non-Napoleonics.

    1. Steve, you should have signed off as "Confused of Cardiff".

      My little preamble is to highlight that the four battalions of Portuguese that Sir Arthur took to Oporto were the first batch of the newly trained to British methods Portuguese Army. Given that the new uniforms supplied by Britain only really got going towards the end of 1809 my chaps will be in Baretina shakos instead of British supplied Stovepies, which will look very pretty.

      Obviously when we get to 1810, I will cut their heads off and transplant them with Stovepipe shakos!!

  6. Quite right to, and what about the trousers ? were there any battles when the winter uniform was used?

  7. Good work, and I enjoyed reading the background too. It's inspired me to take the plunge and buy some Legere myself!