Monday, 3 February 2014

Snake Rail Fence build

This weekend I filled a glaring gap in my terrain collection and dived into the world that is laser cut mdf terrain when I bought some snake rail fences at PAW 2014. If nothing else, I love the smokey smell that pre cut mdf gives off and as someone who enjoys the modelling process really found putting these model fences together a pleasure. 

I have seen the 4Ground buildings used at club in other games and was impressed by the sturdiness and style of the kits. However it is only when you put these models together that you find out how good a design they are. I have to say I really like them. The instructions are very straight forward, and with my cocktail stick wood glue applicator and modelling knife in hand put together two packs of these fences on a Sunday afternoon and had started to terrain-scape the bases in the evening. Once you get into the flow of what pieces are needed you can quickly get into production line mode and the job gets done quite quickly.

I am running an AWI game at the club on Saturday and will aim to have these models done for then so will post a few pictures on completion so you can see the final effect.


  1. Those split rail fences do look very nice!

  2. You could have just borrowed mine.

    1. Hey Steve, I know I can always borrow your kit, this just means I can now return the compliment, and if we get really carried away we cover the table in fences between us.