Monday, 7 April 2014

1st French Hussars

It was a busy week for me last week as I was away on a training course prior to starting a new job. Being away from home meant a halt to any painting or modelling and with the work required I wouldn't have had much time anyway.

So on my return home, last Friday evening, I was keen to maintain progress towards the Oporto game and this weekend I finished off my interpretation of the 1st French Hussars.

Napoleon Series - French Hussar Regiments

Regimental War Record 1792-1815 (Battles and Combats)
1792: Valmy, Jemmapes, and Andrelecht
1793: Nerwinden
1794: Le Boulou
1796: Mondovi, Fombio, Lodi, Borghetto, Rivoli, Lonato, Castiglione, Alba, Roveredo, Bassano, Saint-Georges and Arcole
1797: Rivoli, La Favorite, La Piave, Tagliamento and Gradisca
1799: Paolo, Magnano, Valence, Alexandrie, San Giuliano and Novi
1800: Marengo
1805: Ulm and Austerlitz
1806: Jena
1807: Eylau, Heilsberg, and Friedland
1809: Braga and de Santille
1811: Sabugal
1812: Monasterio
1813: 1st Squadron , Juterbock, Leipzig and Hanau
1814: Mincio
1815: Namur

Battle Honours
Jemmapes 1792, Castiglione 1796, Eylau 1807 and Oporto 1809

The 1st Hussars have an impressive war record, although I was slightly surprised to see that Oporto 1809 was recorded as a Battle Honour. We shall see if they are able to live up to that "honour" when they take to the table in a few weeks.

The figures are from AB and though well sculpted were a bit disappointing in that they are depicted with their pelisses worn buttoned and thus covering up the scarlet collars as shown in the illustration above. Still not to worry, they make a welcome addition to the ranks of my French light cavalry, and leave me just one more unit to do.


  1. Really nice finish Jonathan! Good to see the cavalry coming out.

  2. Cheers Paul, I always enjoy painting "donkey wallopers". I think it has something to do with the psychological effect of painting the horses first that makes you think that you've finished half the unit.

  3. Yeah I have the same thinking. Its a big task but once the horses are done its all down hill.

  4. As usual Jon, they look great. Have a nice trip to Rome, see you next month at the club.

  5. Another excellent work, love this unit...great basing too!