Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Polly Oliver AWI Miniatures - Web Site Update

I got a message from the guys at Polly Oliver just before we set off to Rome that the new web site was going live on the 12th of April.

I saw a post about it on TMP but thought I would highlight the fact here as I was able to post about the return of this lovely range of figures after my visit to PAW 2014 back in February.

Polly Oliver Castings

The catalogue is up and running with Paypal facilities. UK customers will have post and packing calculated as they shop, but overseas customers are asked to email their requirements so that the order can be calculated with the exact postage and a return email will detail the total cost.

On the site you will also find the Polly Oliver Blog which is giving updates on future additions and other associated news, all good stuff. I noticed a post on a flags range as well.

So there you go Polly Oliver are back at last

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