Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Roman Veteran Legionaries - 4th Cohort

Whilst I have been busy on moving the Napoleonic collection on with work on the Talavera campaign taking up a lot of painting time, Tom, in between a lot work for his final year at university, together with his running training, has taken the lead on the Roman collection.

These guys have been coming along from since just before Christmas and we now have a fourth cohort of veteran Roman legionaries to add to our growing force.

These are the Warlord sculpts and feature the added improvised armour, reinforced helmets, bearded and bandaged soldiers and suitably battered shields following multiple clashes with the enemy

I think Tom has really captured the spirit of these guys and you can easily picture them pressed up against the barbarian horde getting stuck in.

The animation on the faces and the shield damage really make this unit stand out from the rest of the army.

Next up Talavera plans, Casa de Salinas game two and the Antiquera Volunteer Light Infantry, so lots to come.


  1. Nice figures, great job on them.

  2. Really nice job...especially those battle-hardened veterans!

  3. Lovely work, the veterans set is the best of the Warlord EIR.

  4. Nice job on the figures.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys. Tom has developed a very methodical, effective painting technique and I know he really enjoys the hobby.