Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Talavera - Attack on the Pajar Vergara, Xmas Game

"Further south the Spanish infantry were locked in an indecisive engagement with the Hessian and Frankfurt troops. Here the Spanish volleys were not so effective and the Germans were able to hold their own. However the outcome of this attack was decided in the centre where the unfortunate Baden battalions found themselves looking down barrels of ten artillery pieces at very short range. Although the British guns were only 3-pounders, the four Spanish guns were heavy 12-pounders and the effect of the grapeshot fired from behind the protection of the earthworks was terrible."
Talavera: Wellington's First Victory in Spain - Andrew W. Field

Just as a little 'heads up" pre-game announcement for the Talavera fans, as we will be playing a new scenario for Carnage & Glory between Xmas and New Year which will look at the attack of General Laval's German Division against the Pajar Vergara redoubt that heralded the start of the French afternoon attack.

Facing off against the German, Dutch and potentially Polish battalions will be General Portago's 3rd Spanish Division supported on his left by the men of Cambell's 4th British Division with five battalions of British infantry but with three of them in a rather weak condition.

Talavera - Pajar Vergara
As of Game Turn: 1

German Division Order of Battle
Division Baron Jean-Francois Leval - Attack
[ 118] General de Division Baron Jean-Francois Leval - Active B- [875 paces]

Brigade Heinrich Freiherr von Porbeck - Attack
[ 119] Oberst Heinrich Freiherr von Porbeck - Active B [450 paces]
[ 160] III Fuss Batterien Steinmetz 0/ 190 [ 8] C Limbered 4pdr [Light]
[ 161] I.von Harrant Nr.4 (Baden) 0/ 376 C- [sk] Company Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 162] II.von Harrant Nr.4 (Baden) 0/ 367 C- [sk] Company Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 163] I.Nassau IR Nr.2 0/ 360 C- [sk] D.Comp.Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 164] II.Nassau IR Nr.2 0/ 386 C- [sk] D.Comp.Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 165] Porbeck's Voltigeur Bn. 0/ 317 C- [sk] Open Order SB.Musk.[1st]

Brigade David-Hendrik Chasse - Attack
[ 120] Generalmajor David-Hendrik Chasse - Active C [350 paces]
[ 166] 3m3 Artillerie a Cheval Trip 0/ 147 [ 6] C Limbered 6pdr [Light]
[ 167] I/2me Regiment Linie 0/ 393 C- [sk] D.Comp.Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 168] 2/4me Regiment Linie 0/ 378 C- [sk] D.Comp.Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 169] Chasse's Voltigeur Bn. 0/ 154 C- [sk] Open Order SB.Musk.[1st]

Brigade Balthazard-Grandjean - Attack
[ 121] General de Brigade Balthazard-Grandjean - Active B [450 paces]
[ 170] III. Fuss. Batterien Venator 0/ 96 [ 4] C Limbered 4pdr [Light]
[ 171] 1/Gross und Erbprinz Nr 4 0/ 398 C- [sk] Company Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 172] 2/Gross und Erbprinz Nr 4 0/ 371 C- [sk] Company Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 173] Rheinbund Bttn von Frankfort 0/ 391 C- [sk] Company Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 174] Grandjean's Voltigeur Bn. 0/ 225 C- [sk] Open Order SB.Musk.[1st]

Brigade Feliks Potocki - Attack
[ 122] Oberst Feliks Potocki - Active C [350 paces]
[ 175] I. IR Nr 4 (Polish) 0/ 761 C [sk] D.Comp.Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 176] II. IR Nr 4 (Polish) 0/ 782 C D.Comp.Col. SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 177] Potocki's Voltigeur Bn. 0/ 260 C [sk] Open Order SB.Musk.[1st]

0/ 5919 Bayonets
0/ 433 Artillerists
0/ 18 Cannon
0/ 6352 Total of all arms
11 Standards present

Anglo/Spanish Divisional Orders of Battle - General Campbell Commanding

Division Alexander Campbell - Defend
[ 517] Brigadier General Alexander Campbell - Active C [875 paces]
[ 548] Lawson's Brigade 0/ 145 [ 6] C Entrenched 3pdr [Light]
[ 621] 1st Battery 0/ 148 [ 6] D+ Entrenched 12pdr [Med.]

Brigade William Myers - Defend
[ 518] Lieutenant Colonel William Myers - Active C [450 paces]
[ 541] 2/7th Foot 0/ 388 C- [sk] Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 542] 2/53rd Foot 0/ 483 C- [sk] Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 543] A. Campbell's Bde. Light Bn. 0/ 161 C [sk] Open Order Musk.[2SB:1R]

Brigade James Kemmis - Defend
[ 519] Colonel James Kemmis - Active C [450 paces]
[ 544] 1/40th Foot 0/ 670 C+ [sk] Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 545] 97th Foot 0/ 452 C+ [sk] Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 546] 2nd Battalion of Detachments 0/ 562 C- [sk] Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 547] Kemmis' Bde. Light Bn. 0/ 244 C+ [sk] Open Order Musk.[3SB:1R]

Division Marques de Portago - Defend
[ 528] Major General Marques de Portago - Active C [725 paces]
[ 553] El Rey A 0/ 229 D Line SB.Musketoon
[ 554] El Rey B 0/ 231 D Line SB.Musketoon
[ 600] 1st Bn. Badajoz Regiment 0/ 571 D- Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 601] 2nd Bn. Badajoz Regiment 0/ 557 D- Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 602] 2nd Cazadores de Antequera 0/ 557 D- [sk] Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 603] Imperial de Toledo 0/ 792 D- Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 604] Provincial de Badajoz Militia 0/ 577 D Line SB.Musk.[1st]
[ 605] Provincial de Guadix Militia 0/ 562 D Line SB.Musk.[1st]

0/ 6576 Bayonets
0/ 460 Sabres
0/ 293 Artillerists
0/ 12 Cannon
0/ 7329 Total of all arms
13 Standards present

The two sides are quite evenly matched giving the unit strengths and the quality difference of all the Spanish troops versus the Germans, plus the Nassau boys will get to try out their "Hola" as they attempt to kid the British line into not firing immediately on what could be some Spanish militia lost among the olive trees. Both sides have troops in reserve that they would rather not commit to this part of the line and there are penalties for the French if they throw in the Poles; so we shall see how far both sides are prepared to commit their assets.

The objective is to hold or take the redoubt which will swing the result in favour of the side in possession at the end of the game. The redoubt will also form a key objective in the full afternoon attack scenario

As you can see the two sides are deployed and set up so we should have some post Xmas, Talavera action here at JJ's


  1. great looking game - are these 15MM figs?

    1. Thank you. All the figures are a mix of Warmoddeling, AB, and Xan which are really 18mm rather than a true 15mm hence you get more pronounced detail

  2. Looking forward to it. Happy Christmas

  3. Very handsome layout, Jonathan! I look forward to reading your BatRep.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I think this will be an interesting match up

  4. Great looking game, well worth all of your hard work. Brill1

    1. Cheers Dave, yes it's the best bit getting the toys on the table

  5. Looks great. Cant wait to read the write up. Happy Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Hi Adam, thank you, I'm really looking forward to playing this game.

      Happy Christmas to you and yours

  6. Happy New Year! I am looking forward to the next stages of the Game... Looks cool. We are going to play Talavera this month and looking for inspiration. Great terain you have here!

    1. Hi Mltiadis, thank you and Happy New Year to you. Glad you like the game.