Friday, 5 August 2016

3/95e Regiment de Ligne

The position of armies at Talavera on the afternoon of the 28th July
Along with their comrades, the 94e Ligne, the 95e Ligne were destined to play the role of Corps reserve as part of General de Brigade Puthod's brigade.

1st Corps: Maréchal Victor
1st Division: Général de division Ruffin (5,286)
9th Légère Regiment (3)
24th Line Regiment (3)
Brigade: Général de brigade Barrois
96th Line Regiment (3)

2nd Division: Général de division Lapisse (6,862)
Brigade: Général de brigade Laplannes
16th Légère Regiment (3)
45th Line Regiment (3)
Brigade: Général de brigade Solignac
8th Line Regiment (3)
54th Line Regiment (3)

3rd Division: Général de division Villatte (6,135)
Brigade: Général de brigade Cassagne
27th Légère Regiment (3)
63rd Line Regiment (3)
Brigade: Général de brigade Puthod
94th Line Regiment (3)
95th Line Regiment (3)

Cavalry Brigade: Général de brigade Beaumont (980)
2nd Hussar Regiment
5th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment
Artillery: (48 guns)

General de Brigade Puthod
The regiment's reserve role is borne out by their very low casualties for the two days of battle, being the lowest losses recorded for all of the infantry regiments in I Corps, having just twenty seven men wounded.

My 3/95e Ligne are composed of figures from AB with a battalion fanion from GMB Flags.

The battalion is the final and twenty-fourth of the line infantry battalions in Victor's Corps and completes the eighth regiment in a project started in May 2015. I hope like me you have found the details behind each of the regiments interesting, as I have enjoyed discovering the stories and personalities that make these regiments so different, one to another.

Bar a few artillery crews and teams and some French general officers, the French order of battle is complete and so it just remains to finish off the Spanish forces that fought in the British lines and will form the theme of the upcoming posts as we move towards bringing the project to the table.

The 95e Regiment de Ligne ready for battle

As with other formations completed so far I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of Victor's Corps on parade before we move on to the next project. So that will be the theme of the next post.

Sources used in this and other posts about the 95e Ligne included:
Napoleon's Line Infantry, Osprey Men at Arms - Philip Haythornthwaite, Bryan Fosten
French Napoleonic Line Infantry - Emir Bukhari
Napoleon's Soldiers, The Grande Armee of 1807 (The Otto Manuscript) - Guy C Dempsey Jr.
Napoleonic Armies, A Wargamers Campaign Directory - Ray Johnson
Talavera, Wellington's First Victory in Spain - Andrew W. Field
The Peninsular War Atlas - Colonel Nick Lipscombe


  1. stunning stuff i have really enjoyed following this project lots of eye candy as well as lots of info to follow cheers S

  2. Just amazing! Congrats on finishing the frenchies. I am looking forwards to the seeing the colorful uniforms of the Spanish Army. Looking at my Battle of Ocana book it really shows the wide range of uniforms and equipement.

    Good luck

  3. Good effort mate.

    I would never have stuck with all that blue !


  4. Thanks chaps. The next post is dedicated to you and everyone who has commented over the year it has taken to get this part of the collection done. Your comments are much appreciated.

  5. It is so great to see this completed and displayed in all its glory.

    An inspiration!

    1. Hi Iain, thank you for your comment. It's been a lot of fun putting this part of the project together and I am looking forward to enjoying playing with them.

  6. Truly inspiring!

    May I ask where you got your terrain mat from?

    1. Hi Josh, thank you.

      The terrain mat is from "Terrain Mat"

    2. Ah ha I should have thought of that! Is it the Green Steppe Mat and can I ask what brand of static grass you use to match it so well? Sorry for all the questions!

    3. I just use the Games Workshop product