Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Avgvstvs to Avrelian Unit Cards

This Easter Bank-holiday weekend was spent putting the finishing touches to my Avgvstvs to Avrelian (AtoA) play kit following on from the third play-test I and Mr Steve conducted at the Devon Wargames Group this month.

Tapae 87AD - Augustus to Aurelian/Devon Wargames Group

As you will know I have put together all the relevant markers and initiative chits needed for play but one last modification was needed based on the feedback from this month's game.

The unit cards containing all the relevant information for each troop type worked really well. I had intended them to be small and inconspicuous around the table, but the older players in our group found them rather too small for easily and quickly identifying a particular factor required with the small text.

The Unit Card production line, with the old mark one cards visible on the right below my note pad
So the answer was back to 'PowerPoint' to put together a larger final set to cover the troop types I intend to model in my forthcoming games, namely the Early Imperial Romans of course, Dacians, Sarmatians, Early Germans and Batavians, thus apart from the Britons, who will join this motley crowd in time, all the European barbarian tribes of the early Principate.

Once the basic layout and artwork was completed I printed the cards to PDF format and then printed them to light card together with the AtoA logo that went onto sticky-back paper for brightening up the reverse side of each card.

Once done each card was laminated for protection and stowed away in old business card boxes for when required.

I have proof read these several times so I am hoping the odd error will be that 'odd', but I cannot guarantee that they are perfect, but I am pretty sure that the vast majority are fit for service.

I mention this as I have put the PDFs up on my downloads list, also with a link below for fellow adventurers into the world of AtoA to use should you wish.

JJ's AtoA Cards

My complete collection of Unit Cards already for the next game
Fun and games here at Chez JJ with the builders in to re-plaster the old place and my painting desk stored away for safe keeping, I am thus reduced to getting in a bit of painting elsewhere which is not ideal and with a trip to Spain coming up, is holding up the Talavera project. As I say so much to do so little time.

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