Sunday, 15 December 2019

Gus Murchie Memorial Game - Devon Wargames Group

Yesterday was spent in the company of the chaps from the Devon Wargames Group as we celebrated the end of the club year with one big game, this time using Chain of Command and their 1940 lists to recreate the battles that typified the German invasion of France in May 1940.

I took time out from actually playing to move around the six tables we had up and running to capture the day in pictures and video clips as we gathered at mid morning and played through to the end of the afternoon.

Days like this are special and great fun and, for those of us who knew him, a nice way to remember our old mate Gus who though not with us, was very much with us, enjoying all the fun and laughs.

If you would like to see a report of the day, then just follow the link to the club blog.

Gus Murchie Memorial Game 2019 - Devon Wargames Group