Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Happy Christmas

Well another year approaches its close and the mid-winter festivities are about to begin as families and friends come together to celebrate being together and appreciating one another, accompanied with some good food, a favourite tipple and the spreading of a bit of peace and goodwill to all.

This year's celebrations will be fairly typical here at JJ's and I will be signing off to take a bit of family time but will be back in between Christmas and New Year to post on a game or possibly two planned on the run up to new year, some new additions to the toy collection and my usual look back on the year and plans for my upcoming wargaming year here on the blog.

In the meantime I wish everyone season's greetings and hope you have a great Christmas Holiday.

JJ's Wargames 

wishes you a very Happy Christmas
and a
Peaceful and Prosperous New Year