Saturday, 15 December 2012

Operation Charnwood Campaign - IABSM

I think "I Aint Been Shot Mum" from the Too Fat Lardies are a brilliant set of WWII Company level rules.

I have pulled together a campaign game as a Cyberboard module to make running the mini campaign a whole lot more easier. Operation Charnwood is featured in the Christmas 2011 Special Magazine available from the Too Fat Lardies website.

I have put a link up on my resources section for the module. Just download the three files and stick them in a folder marked Charnwood and select the gamebox in Cyberboard. All the maps, counters and briefings are included.

In addition you can follow my links to the Cyberboard site if you haven't used this brilliant tool. Its great for boardgames but is also excellent for wargamers who want to run campaigns.

Cyberboard screen shot

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