Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tamiya's Small Pointed Brush

Hi all,

I thought I might post a little note on a very important subject, when it comes to painting small soldiers, and that is getting the right brush for the job.

Sadly I have been searching around for a local supplier since my local art shop packed up. I like to support my local retailers when I can, and when it comes to brushes I like to see what I'm buying.
For me, there are two things in particular I want from a brush, especially when it comes to painting detail:
  • A fine point to the brush.
  • An ability to withstand several weeks of constant use, being dipped into various acrylic colours and being washed in water.
If I can get those qualities I am very happy

Tamiya Small Pointed Brush 87017
Well after messing about with various suppliers offerings of "fine detail" brushes including trying out the Games Workshop range, I have finally found a brush that appears to tick the boxes.

The Tamiya Small Pointed Brush has been brilliant and has done everything I have asked of it, with five weeks in of constant daily use and I still have a beautiful point to work with. I also have a model shop locally who stocks the range and at £2.79 I am very pleased with the results I've had.

One other thing I have found really useful is a tip I saw mentioned on the web, that is cleaning the brush occasionally in Tamiya airbrush thinners. The alcohol is able to remove dried in acrylic pigments that water doesn't and helps maintain the brush for longer. I have tried this and found it to be so. It is quite surprising to see the "gunk" that comes out in the thinners.

Anyway, I think the Tamiya brushes are well worth looking at.

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