Saturday, 23 February 2013

Busy Weekend Part Two

Ok, just in case you were thinking, I bet not much happened last weekend, I thought I would give you a progress report on my three projects running side by side.
Well first up the Peninsular Houses are done, I just have the walls, sheds, dung heaps, shrines and water troughs to do, so should have things wrapped up next week.

I'm rather pleased with the buildings, they will be perfect for Fuentes de Onoro, Oporto, etc. I can see plenty of street fighting coming up.

Three quaters of the trees are done, you can see a few armatures awaiting foliage in the background. A few examples are here to show you what I've done. I'm going to do some woodland bases to mark the extent of my woods. I'll post some pics when they're done.

Then as I was posting the blog report on our AWI game mid week, the post man delivered my rivers from Products for Wargamers. I only ordered these on Tuesday and for £25.00 inc post, I'm really pleased. They are MDF with sculpted banks and a light bit of flock. I asked for muddy brown rather that blue. I will "tart" them up myself later, but they are a great addition to the terrain box. They supply a set enough to make approximately seven foot of river. Thank you to James Moore for a great product and great service.

"Ok so what about the Portuguese Dragoons", I hear you say. Well I didn't post a picture because they are on my modelling desk primed waiting to be started and I hope to progress them this weekend. More anon

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