Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rolica Update

The Rolica scenario play tests are underway. Two weekend ago Jason ,Gus, Nathan and Steve gathered in my "man-cave" to play test the Carnage & Glory II version of this scenario. We aim to replay this game and so I have resisted the temptation to give a precise blow by blow account of events, suffice to say that all commanders took the learning from the set up and the way the rules work and are keen to put that experience into play test two.

An overall impression of the terrain with Rolica and Rolica Hill in the centre
For this first test I selected the commanders based on my observations of their style of play and how I thought they might work to the scenario requirements, thus Jason took the role of General DeLaborde, Steve, Sir Arthur and the two central columns, Nathan as General Hill on the Allied right and Gus as General Fane with the Rifle Brigade on the left.

Sir Arthur Wellesley's centre columns under Generals Crauford and Nightingale pursue the French from Rolica
 This scenario will be a classic rearguard with both commanders aiming to out perform their historical predecessors in gaining more time, losing fewer casualties and inflicting greater damage to the enemy.

French troops followed by the 4th Swiss move to occupy the heights above Rolica
Our initial run through suggests this could be a close run affair, but we need to see it run again to give a better impression.

The 3/2me Legere leave Rolica heading for the heights pursued by British Light troops
So I aim to give a second report and offer up this scenario for "peer review" next month. In the meantime I hope you like the pics of our first run through.

The 3/4me Legere occupy the French right on the heights

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