Saturday, 2 February 2013

PAW 2013 Plymouth

Hi all,

I drove down to Plymouth today to attend my first convention of 2013, PAW. Living about 40 minutes up the A38 means that this has become an annual trek to kick off the new year, and it seemed to be well supported and with a good number of traders in attendance.

As well as picking up "stuff" that would save me a bit of postage, I really enjoy seeing games that inspire the "creative juices", and two games close by the entrance to the hall grabbed my attention.

First off was "The Battle of Hampton Roads" with some lovely large scale ACW ships and monitors
presented by the BAD Wargamers. The models and scenery were very eye catching,

The other game I spent some time looking over was the marvellous Pegasus Bridge scenario in 20mm run by The Society of Gentlemen Gamers. A lot of time and effort in modelling and research had gone into this lovely game, and having put together the kit for this in 15mm I really must get my version up and running. Thanks to Don for sharing his knowledge about this battle as I picked up some very interesting info about the defences around the bridge when the Ox and Bucks landed.

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