Saturday, 16 February 2013

Busy Weekend

Occasionally it's quite fun to run several projects side by side. I find it helps ease the monotony of just doing the same thing, being able to break off and paint or model something completely different. It just so happens that this weekend such an opportunity has arisen as having finished my British Infantry for Rolica and Vimiero, I have some Portuguese cavalry, Peninsular buildings and trees that need to be done towards the same project. I will update the blog with my progress.

First up, the buildings. I had been searching for the best 15/18mm Peninsular style buildings and saw a recommendation from  Fat Wally's blog that the Rusus  buildings were some of the best on the market. I decided to ask Santa to see what he could do and with some help from my family, he came up with the total collection of their Bella Italia range which I think you'll agree tick the box. I should also say that when I got the models out of the box and grouped them in the order of the collection as advertised, I found that they had included extra village items as a bonus, so "hats off" to Rusus.
I really like the character of these models, if you haven't already, check them out.

The Rusus large town houses with added doors and staircases that come in the extras box to add variety to the buildings

The Farm collection, with dung heaps and water troughs, very nice!

I love the little entrance archway to complete the entrance and exits to the village
The guide that I will be using to paint up my buildings is a very handy little book from Karwansaray Publishing  who produce Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine, but also sell some excellent modelling guides under the Touching History title.  The booklet for Napoleonic Peninsular War buildings is very good.

The next up is my Portuguese cavalry, which is going to be a unit of AB Wurtemburg Chevauleger
that I picked up from Fighting 15s at Colours last year.

These chaps will be supporting my British light dragoons when I roll out my Vimiero scenario in a couple of months!!

I hope my Portuguese cavalry will look as gallant as these chaps

I usually paint two units at a time, and I am planning to paint up these casualty markers for indicating units under a compulsory movement when using Carnage and Glory rules. I always prefer figures to counters when producing markers.

British casualty markers from Fantassin

French casualties from AB
And last but by no means least I like Jason have been planning to upgrade my tree collection so have also been busy with the Woodlands Scenics range to get some much needed new trees ready for a new season of wargaming fun.


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  1. Nice looking buildings and the trees look excellent too!