Sunday, 1 September 2013

French Light Infantry from Khurasan Miniatures

Last weekend I promised you something new, and I wouldn't want to disappoint.

When I got back from holiday, I had a box of surprises waiting for me in my post bag from Khurasan Miniatures, a US based company run by Mr Jon Katze which amongst other ranges has ventured into the world of 18mm Napoleonics. This range is listed on their site as part of the 15mm historical ranges, but trust me, these are proper 18mm figures.

"Fantastic", I hear you say, "another range on offer for us 18mm fans, the proper scale to fight Napoleonics in the grand manner, where you can see what the figures are and not need a football pitch to do it". Only kidding, you 6/10mm and 28mm aficionados, we all love Napoleonics, right.

French Light Infantryman after the rigours of campaigning in the Peninsula had adapted his uniform!
The figures have been sculpted by Mike Broadbent. I first saw pictures of the French Line Infantry that, in the photos, certainly seemed to have plenty of detail to get the brush around. That detail is even more obvious when you see them.

The unit I have put together is a junior battalion of Legere, hence the Fanion bearer, and being a Legere unit is able to generate extra skirmishers when required. I also have some lovely French Line Grenadiers in bearskins on the paint desk which I will show you in the next post. These chaps will make any combined Grenadier battalion look very imposing.

I was very impressed with the detail and character in these sculpts. These Legere are in their overalls and they give the collector the opportunity to have French Lights looking more like the chaps who took part in the mid to later stages of the Peninsular War, without all the fancy silver tassel's after the rigours of campaigning had had its effect. However these guys are still able to un-wrap the plumes and cords when the occasion demands.

Once the Grenadiers are done I will do some range comparison shots so you can see these chaps against other ranges in my collection.

I really like these figures, and if these are a sign of things to come, will make an excellent addition to the ranges of figures available to the 18mm gamer.


  1. They look good JJ,
    How did you find them? I will keep an eye out for their cavalry.

    any website to check them out and what nations are they doing?


    1. Hi Paul, thank you.

      They are very easy to paint with detail similar to an AB.

      The range is just getting started. If you follow my link in the text to Khurasan, click on the historical ranges, then Napoleonic, you'll see they have French Line Infantry and casualties listed at the moment.

      I'm hoping Jon will be along to provide more information. I think for us guys in the UK an important bit of news would be plans for a UK distributor. With a pack cost of $3.99 (£2.57) in the US they would be quite competitive over hear.

  2. Thanks Jonathan I'll check them out. Sorry didn't spot the link there cause im using my phone to view.

  3. Hi Paul, thanks for your interest. As Jonathan says the Ligne 1807-12 are on our website, and these Legere codes will be added as soon as I get the production castings.

    As 18mm Napoleonics is already covered by multiple manufacturers we can dabble a bit with releases, making things we fancy, because gamers won't be left without a 12 pounder if we don't make it! That said the intention is to focus on the most commonly fielded troop types and nations, to allow gamers to mix in more poses in frequently-fielded units (or more units in the army if you prefer not to mix manufacturers in the same unit). Hence starting with Ligne.

    Current plans are --

    Grenadiers in bearskins for elite companies 1803-7 (plus grenadiers in some later units in Spain) -- already done

    French infantry colonels on horseback (two different) -- already done

    French Ligne and Legere 1803-7

    French old guard grenadiers and chasseurs

    French 6 pounder and crew

    French line chasseurs a cheval

    French generals and staff

    Russians 1809-15

    Also plan to make some more offbeat stuff, like the "Napoleonic Wars" in India--we have Madras and Bengali sepoy infantry done already for the East India Company and will make British infantry in the round hat (which seems to have been worn there later than elsewhere), British light cavalry, then Marathas. In his old age Wellington said Assaye was his most difficult victory and in a sense his wars with the Marathas were his training for Spain and Belgium so we're hoping there's some interest.

    We'll also be making a set of models for another far flung front in the Napoleonic Wars, but mums the word on that for now. :-)

    As with our other models these will be sold direct worldwide by us. Our margins on these are such that the trade discount is often larger than our clearance on each model!

    We should have the legere and bearskin grenadiers on the site in a few weeks, followed by the colonels. Work should begin soon on the guards, artillery and cavalry -- we are finishing up a 15mm line of Yom Kippur War models at the moment (vehicles and infantry), and will be doing some French and English infantry for the War of the Spanish Succession in 18mm before the end of the year. Cheers for reading!

  4. Not surprised that you like them Jonathan, they are well proportioned and textured, with good poses and, in your hands at least, look great painted!

    1. Thanks James,
      glad you like them. Wait until you see the Grenadiers. They have bag loads of character, and like the Legere easy to paint, with well defined detail.

  5. Sounds really interesting,
    Would be good to see them stocked in the UK though.