Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Brandywine Mini-Campaign - Cyberboard Module

As mentioned in my post last week, when I had time in Spain to play with some ideas, I had put together a Cyberboard module to play the Brandywine Mini Campaign using the map and counters provided by Messrs Barnetson and McFarlane in their Two for Tea AWI scenarios.
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If you haven't used Cyberboard before, don't be scared, it really is a useful tool for wargamers who want to run map campaigns without having to prepare paper maps and counters.
The Cyberboard link is in my links tabs on the right.

The following pictures are screen shots of the module up and running on my laptop.

Just place the module folder in the Cyberboard folder and search for it when the program asks what you want to play. There are full instructions for using Cyberboard in the software, trust me it's easy.

By clicking on the Cyberboard Play icon, this is the screen you are presented with.

By clicking "New Game" the system identifies the gsn file that has the game set up ready to play

When you click on the gsn file this is the opening screen shot of the game
When you open the game you will see that the game pieces are in position and the time gone marker is in place. When you right click on any marker you have the option to turn it over. You can group select markers to move them as a group. It's all very whizzy!

To make the module complete I have posted the scenario rules in the module so you can access them whilst using the system rather than referring to a paper based set or pdf copy.

Screen shot with markers moved to new positions, with Howe making his flank move

If you are reporting back on moves in the game there is a "capture map" tool in the program which allows you to paste pictures of the set up.
As always, this module is free and is available for you to download in "My resources and downloads" section. I hope you find this useful, let me know if you use it and how it goes.

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