Friday, 31 January 2014

2/2e Legere - Peninsular War

It was way back on the 6th of July last year when I featured the new range of 18mm figures from Xan by painting up one of the battalions I would need for Oporto, namely the 2e Legere.

JJ's Blog Post 2e Legere

I detailed on that post the history of the regiment and its role in the Peninsula .If you want to read on, just follow the link to the original post. I couldn't help noticing that my first battalion looks a lot smarter than the second as I have done more of a campaign look for this battalion and I think it all adds variety to the eye when they are on the table.

I have also given my second battalion an Eagle, which strictly speaking should have been handed in for a battalion fanion, but it is well recorded that a lot of second battalions hung on to their Eagle's. The French units, unlike the British are rather more generic in character and so I am sure the 2/2e Legere will double up as a first battalion of another regiment at some stage.

As with the first battalion the figures are from the Xan range, save the mounted officer who is an AB figure. I guess I should have given him a red tip to his plume to indicate a major in the regiment, but as he may end up being a colonel in other games I decided to leave him as done. The flag is from GMB

The Force plan for the French at Oporto looks like this

French Order of Battle:Corps: Marshal Nicolas Soult
Henri Delaborde/Foyʼs Infantry Division
17th Legere (3 battalions), 70th Ligne (3 bns) and 86th Ligne (3 bns)
Pierre Merle Infantry Division
2nd Legere (4 bns), 4th Legere (4 bns), 36th Ligne (3 bns)
Jean Franceschiʼs Cavalry Division:
1st Hussars, 8th Dragoons, 22nd Chasseurs a Cheval.
Artillery: Probably 2 x 6lbr Foot and 1 x 6lbr Horse Batteries.

All the units are complete except for three more battalions of Legere and the 1st Hussars.


  1. Looks great. I really thought they were AB figures at first. My 2eme Legere is AB. Maybe I'll post some of mine up soon. Your stuff looks great. Are your stands magnetized?

    1. Thank you. Yes I magnetize all my bases, helps with transport and attaching labels for C&G. I'll be doing a unit of AB in the next post, so I'll do some comparison shots then

  2. Another fine looking battalion! The Xan figures really remind me of AB. I may need to pick up a few to see for myself.

    1. Hi Jon, thank you. Yes I like the Xan figures. AB are still no.1 but I feel Xan are very complimentary and offer variety to the force as a whole.