Saturday, 29 March 2014

16th Portuguese (Lisbon) Infantry Regiment

The completion of the 2nd battalion, 16th Portuguese Infantry sees all four battalions of Portuguese infantry present at Oporto done.

The information about the regiment can be seen on my previous post about the 1st battalion.

The 2nd battalion on the right is seen pictured with the white Regimental Colour.

All figures are from the AB range with the colours from GMB Flags.

There are now only two units remaining before I can bring the Oporto scenario to the table, namely the 14th Light Dragoons and the 1st French Hussars. In addition I am planning to have a purpose built Seminary building and have some houses for the town to finish off.

I am away next week training for a new job and then I am away in Rome on a tour of the classical sights so I will update on progress on the project on my return. Don't be surprised if the odd picture of the Colosseum appears in between time.


  1. Excellent paint job on this Portuguese regiment, love the basement too...

    1. Cheers Phil. With the Portuguese finished I'm looking forward to getting the last units done.