Friday, 9 May 2014

Oporto Update - Ready to Go

With the anniversary game on Sunday we're ready to go and it's time to get the armies ready. First up is II Corps commanded by Marechal Nicolas Soult.

Soult with his seventeen battalions plus the three battalions of combined voltigeurs, supported by the two cavalry brigades, two foot and one horse battery

Soult (left), GdD Merle (right) with his foot artillery and GdB Reynard's brigade behind

The eight battalions forming GdB Reynard's brigade

The six battalions of GdB Foy's brigade

GdD Delaborde and his reserve brigade, the 86e Ligne

GdD Franceschi and his horse battery

GdB Girardin and his brigade (8e Dragons & Hanoverian Chasseurs)

GdB Debelle and his brigade (1e Hussars & 22e Chasseurs)
 The Army of Sir Arthur Wellesley

Sir Arthur with his artillery and cavalry forward of his infantry brigades

MG Sir Stapleton Cotton and his cavalry 

MG Sir John Murray and his brigade (1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th KGL)

BG Sir Alan Cameron's brigade (2/9th, 2/83rd & 2/10th Portuguese). Not the Brigade light battalion on the left.
At the back BG Richard Stewart's brigade (29th, 1st Bn. Detachments, 1/16th Portuguese)

Sir Arthur and his RFA brigades of (Sillery, Lawson, Heise & Rettenberg)

MG Sir Roland Hill's brigade (1/3rd, 2/48th & 2/66th)

Sir John Sherbroke in front of BG Sir Archibald Campbell's brigade (2/7th, 2/53rd & 1/10th Portuguese)

BG Henry Campbell's brigade (1/3rd Guards, 1/2nd Guards)

At the back, BG John Sontag's brigade (97th, 2nd Bn. Detachments, 2/16th Portuguese)
And finally, the Seminary. I have an update on the progress with the model which will not be ready for Sunday but will star in the follow up games I have planned. More details will follow once it is completed.

This should make a nice centre piece to the table when it's done.

Anyway I'm off to the DWG meet up tomorrow and then we play Oporto on the Sunday, so more posts to follow.


  1. Superb Jonathan, great to see them altogether and ready to rock!

  2. That is a beautiful display of figures - very pleasing to the eye. I am sure it will be a highly enjoyable game.

  3. Well, all these troops are really nice, and they seem ready and impatient for the great the church too!

  4. Hi,
    I really like the bases on the models in your banner picture. Can you let me know what materials you used and what paint colours you used.

    1. Hi GE, thank you. Just follow the link to the basing tutorial I did last year.

  5. terrific job, very impressive.


  6. Cheers guys, thanks for the comments, AAR to follow