Friday, 8 August 2014

France 2014 - Montmirail Reenactment

As a bit of a postscript to the Montmirail battlefield post I had an interesting discussion with Matthias on the last post looking at Montmirail. He was able to comment on the sight lines on the battlefield having taken part in the recent 200th anniversary  reenactment in the area of the battlefield discussed.

He very kindly sent over some pictures from the day that capture the atmosphere and help recreate the events 200 years ago. There are some very fine units with obvious attention to detail and thanks to Matthias who was very happy for me to share them on the blog.



  1. Thanks for these terrific pictures, I am going to google to see if I can find more. I was a US Civil War reenactor for a while and I thought we looked good, but we had nothing on our Napoleonic colleagues. The guy playing Napoleon looks like the real deal.

  2. Cheers guys, I thought Matthias' pictures were pretty cool and helped capture the theme.

    I agree Michael , the Napoleon looked "spot on", and made a great header to the post.

    Thanks for your comments

  3. What a pity! I am French, and I was not there! Great looking pics, it seems to be a great day of reenactment...

  4. Fantastic pictures, they really capture some of the drama of the "heat of battle". It's so impressive to think of the amount of work and resources put into the details of the replica uniforms.