Friday, 29 August 2014

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Magazine - Operation Market Garden

I received my copy of the new issue, number 74, of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Magazine yesterday, which is themed around "Operation Market Garden", the Arnhem campaign.

If you are the slightest bit interested in WWII and especially the battles in and around Holland in late 1944, then this is a very "meaty" edition of the magazine, with several company and platoon level scenarios, together with ideas on how to model the forces involved and a review of the different ranges of figures available to build those forces.

The last time the Horsa was in action, "Pegasus Bridge" at the Devon Wargames Group in June 2013

As a "shameless plug" I have some of my WWII collection of figures pictured in this edition with my Paras and Horsa glider pictured in the article "Utrinique Paratus" by Bjorn Arvid Kappe and my Americans and Germans do battle in the article by Allen E Curtis "Meanwhile in XIX Corps..."looking at US operations against the Siegfried Line on the right flank of British XXX Corps 10-19th September 1944.

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Issue 74 was published this week and should be in stores in the UK from Monday 1st September


  1. Product placement JJ ? Shame on you. You'll be appearing wearing a "Bolt Action" t-shirt & "Plastic Soldier Company" cap next. I know you already use an "Ian Dickie" measuring stick.