Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hessen-Darmstadt Foot Batterie

The next unit completed for the German Division is the artillery contribution from Hesse Darmstadt, a half battery, eventually rearmed with French 4lbr guns.

2nd [German] Infantry Division 
GdD Jean-Francois, Baron Leval,

OB Heinrich, Freiherr von Porbeck,
Baden Infantry Regiment Gross-Herzog Nr. 4: OB Heinrich, Freiherr von Porbeck, 2 battalions
Nassau Infantry Regiment Nr. 2: OB August von Kruse, 1st Battalion
Nassau Infantry Regiment Nr. 2: OB August von Kruse. 2nd Battalion
Baden Foot Battery: 2 – 7pdr howitzers, MAJ Franz-Friedrich-Christian von Steinmetz

GM David-Hendrik Chasse,
Hessen-Darmstadt Foot Batterie: 4 – 6pdrs, LT Ludwig Venator

Again as with the Dutch artillery, I am forced to mix and match and so a bit of scratch work to get suitable figures to recreate Lieutenant Venator's command.

So for the gunners I went for the "Warmodelling" French Horse Gunners, removing their chords and sabrateche. The sabres aren't correct as these chaps should really have a sabre briquet, but I think they work pretty well.

The artillery train are AB Austrian with an Austrian limber that does a good impersonation of a French light limber suitable for towing the 4lbr gun. Again the pompom should really be mounted on the side of the hats (Corshut), but if you can live with them being on the front then so can I.

As with the Dutch guns, I have chosen to use the Blue Moon French 4lbr which seems to look well on the table

So it just leaves OB von Porbeck, the Baden infantry and Baden guns to do to finish the division. The good news is that the Baden Fusiliers have arrived so I can press on to the get this project finished.

Next up though is another Roman cohort. More anon


  1. Nicely done Jonathan, very interesting uniform. Unique looking unit.

    1. Thanks Paul. I think the Division as a whole will look very unique when set up on the table. Talavera 2015 here we come!

  2. Handsome work and good to see the artillery train getting called up for duty!

    1. Thanks Jon. It was "Napoleon at War" that formalised in my mind the need for the train.
      When we use Carnage & Glory I require players to park their train behind the battery to simulate the footprint of all those ammo wagons and limbers plus the gun line would occupy. Thus if you can't deploy all the models you can't deploy the battery.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Mark, thank you. If you like artillery, I'm hoping the Badeners will catch the eye with their Kaskets. Let's hope they are able to stand up to Spanish cavalry.

  4. Looking good, I've really been enyoying watching this come together.

    What figures did you use for the Badeners in the end?

    1. Hi, thank you, glad you're enjoying the project.
      My Baden choice proposals caused quite a debate on the best choice of figures in 18mm. It caused me to pause and consider the options based on the opinions expressed.
      I am being a bit coy as I love a challenge and I hope I can convince skeptics that the ranges I have gone for can work. So to preserve the surprise element, the figures used will include AB, Warmodelling and Blue Moon. I'll start with the infantry after the Romans coming up next.