Sunday, 11 January 2015

Maurice - A Great Game System

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day at the Devon Wargames Group, running my first game of 2015 and wheeling out a scenario I put together for Maurice. If you want to see the details of the set up and the game then just follow the link to the DWG Blog

Devon Wargames Group blogspot.Hold the Line- Maurice.

I mention in the AAR how good the game was and all of us said how enjoyable it had been to watch and play.

It got me thinking about how innovative Maurice is and the clever design Sam Mustafa has accomplished with it. I hadn't played Maurice for a while, but after a few rounds of card play we were soon in the flow and it is the cards that make the game, firstly, very different from one game to the next and, secondly, also captures the feel of this period of warfare in a very unique way.

When I put the scenario together I was thinking in terms of a clock mechanism to limit the number of turns for the Americans to have to hold their position before being able to claim a win. Then you see that the card play of limited decks enables a variable cut off anyway.

If you haven't played this rule set yet, then really make an effort to get a game.  Sam Mustafa still has his free "Lite" copy of the rules plus DIY cards still available on his site so you can have a go for free.


  1. I have to agree . Maurice is one of the best 18th century games systems available. I use it with my imaginations. armies and I love the feel they give for the era.

    1. Hi Robert, yes they are perfect for imaginations and I still have a mind to look at AWI campaigns using them.