Sunday, 4 January 2015

Romans, Redcoats, Rangers & Indians

The Christmas break has been an excellent time to get a few painting jobs done before getting stuck into the Peninsular War project for 2015.

I would usually show you the finished based items and in the case of my Roman Command, that will follow, pictured under proper lighting. 

First up was this Roman command set from Aventine Miniatures using decal sets from Little Big Men Studios. These guys don't really fit the Trajan look form my command for that period, but will come in handy when we start doing some Roman civil war action. 

The lighting doesn't do these figures justice, but hopefully you can get an impression of the detail, and I will re-post the finished group when based.

The other little job I needed to get done was some French Indian Wars figures that have been by my table for about 12 months, that I promised to paint for a friend who now has a nice growing collection for Muskets & Tomahawks.

These follow on from some other figures I painted back in October 2013

I really like this period and have enjoyed painting these guys. I hope you like them Steve.

And the nice thing is that while I was photographing the completion of these two jobs, along the table another was being worked on. Tom is well into bringing together a Veteran Roman Legionary Cohort.

So onwards and upwards, I can now clear the sticks and get the 31st and 45th Foot ready for priming.


  1. Some spectacular painting! Your Romans are absolutely stunning. Only the horses seem to be pretty week sculpts

  2. Lovely paintjobs on all of those figures. Great to see father & son enjoying their painting :-)

  3. Great painting on the Aventine Romans!

  4. Cheers Guys, appreciate your comments.

    Moiterei - yeah I know what you mean. I think they were going for the small ancient horse look. More like a pony rather than the modern horse. To be honest I have got used to them and think they work. See what you think when I get them based up.

  5. Fantastic work. Those look great.

  6. very nice pictures. My compliments The Roman signifer was very nice.

  7. Beautiful painting. Inspirational stuff!

  8. Thanks Guys, I wll post better pictures of the Roman group when they are based up. Just waiting for Warbases order to show up.

  9. Excellent painting!!!

    How well do the Aventine Miniatures mix with the Warlord Games minis?

    1. Hi Larry,
      Thank you. Well it depends. The Aventine are on the larger end of the spectrum and don't look so bad against most of the Warlord range except their Legionaries which, frustratingly are a bit smaller than the rest of their range. In future I will use Foundry for my legionaries. You live and learn!!