Sunday, 8 February 2015

PAW 2015 - Plymouth

Yesterday was spent pleasantly wondering around what has become my traditional first show of the year hosted by the Plymouth Wargames Association (PAW), our neighbours down the road from Exeter.

The fun was added to by spending time "shooting the breeze" with friends from the DWG and I managed to pick up a few "Warmodelling" Spanish from Mr Mark Jackman at the Stonewall Figures stand, which given the recent issues getting hold of figures from the parent company, was a great help.

Mark is rolling out his new range of French Revolution Wars 15/18mm collection, to be followed by his own Napoleonics. I have a sample pack of the Napoleonic French range and will endeavour to get them painted up for you to see.

As always I had the camera in hand and grabbed some pictures of games that caught my eye walking around the show. I really enjoy seeing how others put a game together and I get great inspiration from the effort to bring a particular battle/period to life. I have to say the American Civil War players took first prize for me, and that is high praise as I am not a keen follower of this period of history.

Sadly there was not a list of game presenters on the PAW site and I attempted to spot details as I went round, but wasn't paying to close attention as I thought I will easily identify them on the PAW site when I got home. Note to self!!

So first up was a delightful "Longstreet" game with beautiful terrain and battalions and regiments that look like units to be reckoned with. I love the rules that Sam Mustafa comes up with, and he is, IMHO, one of the leading lights in the hobby for coming up with new ways of playing games with a high fun/simulation content. So it was very nice to see the effort put in to one of his game sets.

The ACW Longstreet game 
Union Infantry en masse
Cavalry, riding horses, surely not the ACW - oops that was my Napoleonic bias creeping out!
Ah now this is much more familiar terrain for me and I will be taking a look at the real thing in June this year. If you can't identify this building, please get in contact and I will set you a reading list with a test to follow.

I recognised the faux fur blanket from previous Musket and Tomahwk 15mm games displayed at Exeter and this turned out to be a variation on the theme with Muskets and Tomahawks for Napoleonics, and why not.
La Haye Sainte in all its glory
These actions within a larger battle seem perfect scenarios for rule sets like M&T and this game certainly brought the concept to life. I wouldn't mind giving this a go with Carnage & Glory.

Next up was the War and Conquest display, which had some very nice hopolites on show. I don't know much about this rule set and I prefer multiple figure bases rather than single figures in movement trays, but a very nice little display never the less.

Spartans I presume

And last but by no means least, a stunning ACW effort in 15mm which on my extremely limited knowledge of the ACW sees river boats and gun batteries supporting troops fighting in front of a serious town or city. The rebels are defending the urban area, so Richmond?

If this was your game and you are reading this please put me out of my ignorance and get the credit for some lovely modelling and a very fine looking game.

Paddle boats galore - I much prefer a brown or green murky looking river than the azure blue one often sees.

Lots of effort to create the city outskirts

Meanwhile, over the river, let battle commence

Now those are what you call guns
So there we are, 2015 is officially underway with another PAW seen and done and another nice day out to savour.


  1. These really are good looking games, the ACW 15mm game with the shipping and city suburbs does inspire. Like you the period does nothing for me despite Sam M's excellent and engaging rules! Be good JJ, jj

  2. Thanks Jeremy, I wasn't sure how clear the pictures would be as I fired off the camera without using my mini tripod. I thought the Haye Sainte building looked great. These MDF creations get better and better.