Monday, 16 September 2019

Clotted Lard 2019 - Devon Wargames Group

This weekend I spent indulging in all things Lard with a visit by Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner along with other Lardy enthusiasts from other parts of the UK to join the Devon Wargames Group and our club event 'Clotted Lard.

As you can see we had some fantastic games arranged for the forty-six people who attended the meeting enjoying a full day of gaming on the Saturday, accompanied in the afternoon with the world famous, Heaven on a plate, delight, that is a real Devon Cream Tea, with proper made Devon Clotted Cream and Jam on a light crumbly scone washed down with a hot brew.

If that wasn't enough fun, all the gamers were invited to a pre show meet up on Friday night for drinks in one of the historic pubs of Exeter followed on Saturday night with a similar gathering and a well earned curry, seeing thirty-six of us taking over the Indian restaurant across the road from the pub.

If you would like to see more of the games I have captioned here, together with the other six games run on the day, you can follow the link below to the club blog reporting the show.

Devon Wargames Group - Clotted Lard 2019

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  1. Thank you for the report - I wasn't even aware it was taking place, but it was probably a little too far for a day trip!
    Richard Clarke's ideas on gaming seem very similar to mine so I always enjoy seeing one his games, especially Sharp Practice, in the flesh.

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Thank you.
      Well Clotted Lard looks set to be a regular feature in the club calendar and in the wider Lardy season with our September slot fitting in well with other Lardy events around the country and provides the club with a fun way of making a charitable contribution to a worthy cause.

      Not only that but, as you say, the game systems are great fun to play and already get a regular airing at normal club meetings, so it is extra fun to entertain the Lardies and other like-minds at the same time.

      So if you are planning a late holiday to Devon after the kids go back to school you might want to book in for a day at Clotted Lard.