Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mounted French Colonels - Khurasan Miniatures

Back in September, I reviewed a new range of 18mm Napoleonics from Khurasan Miniatures who have started their range with French Infantry. To compliment these figures they now have French mounted officers, and I have painted the two examples, I have, as French Ligne and Legere battalion commanders.

These figures have "bags" of detail and compliment the foot figures perfectly. The two examples will paint up as Ligne or Legere officers so provide variability to the look of the units.

Next up more King's German Legion Infantry


  1. I like them!

    Say, the officer's horse reminds me of the horses from Eureka's SYW range by Mike Broadbent. Is Broadbent sculpting the Khurasan Napoleonic range too?

  2. Very nice! I love your bases. I do something similar, but not as well. I'll have to study your basing tutorial further. I looked, but wasn't able to find if you've posted the sizes of your bases for your Napoleonics. Would you mind telling or directing me to where you've mentioned it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stu Rat, thank you, the bases are for Napoleon at War. Mike Whittaker produced a very nice PDF detailing the sizes, just follow the link