Friday, 29 November 2013

Oporto Wine Barge

They're done. Since the last WIP post for these models and the feedback received I made changes to the tiller platform using thinner plasticard together with small strips to simulate the ladder structure that allowed access to it.

The seated infantry needed a bit of work as AB obviously crafted them for an earlier conflict, probably Egypt 1801, as they have the old gaiters and are modelled with queues. So with the hair suitably cropped these chaps are shown in battle order for landing from a boat not carrying their back packs but with a few items rolled in their greatcoat

The command figures are mainly Warmodelling, with an AB sergeant for variety.

Next up the 7th Royal Fusiliers.


  1. Hi Jon, these boats are really, really good. Keep the good work coming.

  2. I agree. They turned out beautifully.

  3. Wow, stunning work. Beautiful.