Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Napoleon's German Division at Talavera

I have to admit that the completion of the German Division, although fun and something I have always wanted to do, was a major indulgence on my part and a slight variation on my Talavera project plan. That variation being, that I intended to complete units for scenarios that would build up to the full battle and the German Division don't feature until scenario three, and there are other units required for scenario one that remain un-painted.

That being said I am hoping to have scenario one up and running around Xmas this year so please bear with me and as recompense, I thought I would share some pictures of the German Division as a whole. I should add that for Talavera the two battalions of the 4th Polish  Infantry Regiment were under the command of Laval, but as they were an attachment and will be present in scenario three I will add them later.

2nd [German] Infantry Division 
GdD Jean-Francois, Baron Leval,

GM David-Hendrik Chasse,

Front Row- left to right, Baden artillery, Baden Infantry (2 battalions), Dutch Infantry (2 battalions), Dutch Horse Artillery. Middle row, Nassau Infantry (2 battalions), Hesse Darmstadt Infantry (2 battalions), Hesse Darmstadt Artillery, Back Row Frankfurt battalion.

Von Porbeck's brigade

Chasse's brigade of Dutch

Grandjean's brigade

For close ups of the individual units just click on the links in the order of battle above.


  1. Great painting. This is a real accomplishment, I can understand how you could not resist doing this division first.


    1. Thanks John, I really enjoyed putting these together. I think they will look great next to the French divisions.

  2. Well Jonathan that really is something lovely to behold!!!

    I know there are a lot of fellow gamers planning to do a number of these units at some point. Never seen so many of them done together.

    Well done!!!

    1. Hi Paul, I thought you might like a parade shot. I've seen your mass collection and the 18mm scale seems to have an impact all of its own when it's out in force.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jonathan, I was really pleased with the look of them all together

  4. Very pretty JJ. Nice to see a Division looking the part, rather than a handful of units.


    1. Cheers Vince. The big battalion look really comes into its own when out in force. Just imagine this lot lined up with about five similarly sized French divisions. What's your preference for the big game, French or Anglo-Spanish?

  5. This is indeed inspiring, I am a real fan these minor nations/allies as units and this is a kick-up the butt for me. My annual Elite Miniature Christmas Deal order includes four French ally battalions which I hope to get painted in early 2015, in th emean time I will have to admire yours. Can't wait to see them in action. Best wishes, Jeremy

    1. Hi Jeremy, thanks very much. Great I look forward to seeing them next year.