Thursday, 9 July 2015

WWII Cash & Carry - Belgium 2015

On our way to Quatre Bras we passed this interesting little store, providing all your WWII requirements,

including those difficult to pick up items such as a Chaffee!

Or perhaps you are looking for 105mm howitzer? Not sure who the previous owners were for this model.

They also do a nice line in naval mine clearance paravanes.

Tom we don't need a howitzer!
 Of course if you really want to make an entrance, a 17lbr M10 Achilles always makes a statement.

The garage held a treasure trove of vehicles and kit.

A nice little quad 50cal AA mount.

It's always fun walking round a place like this and added a bit of variety to our Napoleonic extravaganza. The link at the top of the page shows the full stock that this place holds and when you walk through the two large warehouses you can see how extensive that stock is with weapons and uniformed manikins on display plus numerous coat hangers with uniform items ready to see.

Next up
1/96e Ligne and the history of the regiment

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