Thursday, 15 December 2016

King Joseph & Marshal Jourdan Video Clip - Talavera 208

As an addendum to my previous post and as the saying goes 'a picture is often worth a thousand words' and perhaps some moving ones are worth a few more, I offer up a video clip of my recent work with some painting ideas to go with it.

First up I should say that I was prompted at having a go at this by Mr Paul Alba who is a bit of a 'dab hand' at at this kind of stuff and as mentioned in the comments around the Joseph post, I benefited from Paul's useful video clip of some of his own command groups - see the link below.

I can see some distinct advantages displaying figures using this medium perhaps in future alongside the stills photography. To save you commenting, I will do the two together in future, when I have my lighting set up, to give you a better chance at seeing the detail clearly.

'Rafa's book', referred to in my commentary, is referring to Rafael Perez' excellent edition of "Painting War - French Army" which I reviewed back in July 2014 and constantly refer to when working on my own French collection.

Other colour combinations I tried out for the first time came from Rafa's recommendations including the red tunics and saddle-cloths in this particular group. All I can say is, if you want to develop your own techniques pick up a copy of this really useful reference.

One other reference I would particularly recommend getting hold of, are the collection of Rousselot plates. I have originals published back in the 70's by Historex and I treasure them as a resource above many others.

The main aspect I find particularly useful is the level of detail Rousselot goes into that really allows the painter to work out what is what when looking at a figure and importantly the colour options to choose

If you have enjoyed viewing and reading this post then add to your enjoyment by popping over to the "Talavera 208 Just Giving" page using the link below and make any contribution you care to, towards a great cause, Combat Stress, and enjoy the warm feeling that will come knowing you have added to the good in the world; not to mention the thrill when you see these command bases in action in 2017, and a message from me thanking you for your support. After all we are in that season when giving is what it's all about.

Cheers all 


  1. I have the British Army version of Painting War, a useful resource even if it has a few minor errors.

  2. JJ ref Rousselot plates found this link to a site with lots of them available

    1. Thanks Tony
      Yes I reviewed the British book back in August last year which I see you commented on then.

      I really didn't fall in love with that edition, but Rafa's French book is very good.

      I saw there was a web source out there and some of the cavalry plates have been reproduced in book format. I have the originals all individually wrapped and kept in the Historex green binders. I have them scanned onto the IPad for ready reference during painting sessions.

  3. great first video link to stardom... as ever great figs great painting and so modest with it... :o)