Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Clotted Lard - Devon Wargames Group

The Devon Wargames Group have teamed up with the chaps at Too Fat Lardies to host our very own Lardy Day of gaming on what would be our normal club day, the 8th September.

The club members were early adopters of all things Lard and the historical gaming that the club promotes fits well with the Lardy theme of playing the period not the rules.

We have nine games confirmed so far with the possibility of a tenth, with games ranging across the periods including Chain of Command, Kiss Me Hardy, Augustus to Aurelian, Sharp Practice and I Aint Been Shot Mum.

A game of Sharply in the Buff played at this month's club meeting with Colin's superb collection of figures and terrain

I myself will be running a Roman versus Dacian 28mm game featuring the new collection of figures using Augustus to Aurelian and the aim will be to run a game in the pre and post lunch period with some time in the afternoon to enjoy a Devon Cream Tea with real clotted cream and fresh jam.

The day will conclude with a gathering at a local hostelry followed by a curry in Exeter.

The club will be donating all, after expenses, monies to the veterans mental health charity Combat Stress.

If you fancy joining us for a day of great gaming in beautiful Devon with an authentic Devon Cream Tea to boot then there are a few places still available and can be booked at the email address mentioned above and where you can get more information about the games planned.

I am conscious that in the sprint to get my own game prepared for this exciting day I am behind with additional unit pictures and video clips so will hope to get a post up soon showing progress to date.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jon,
      I think so and I'm really looking forward to the day which hopefully will become a regular event in the club calendar.

  2. You have no problem idea how much I wish I could be there JJ. Hope it goes tremendously well.

    1. Thanks Carlo.
      Well for those that can't make it, I will be doing a report on the day with some pictures of the games.