Sunday, 10 May 2015

Talavera - Attack on the Pajar de Vergara

The attack of the German Division reaches a crescendo yesterday at the Devon Wargames Group
Yesterday was a day of firsts at the monthly meeting of the DWG.

I was presenting the first play-through of my new scenario recreating the fight for the Pajar de Vergara, with the first roll out (quite literally) of my new 6 x 4 foot Terrain Mat (my travelling mat) using a new set of paper based rules we were trying out (don't worry C&G fans, I will be re-running this scenario using my preferred rules later on) and the first game using my Germans and Spanish collection

Much fun was had by all and if you would like to know how the game went and see more pictures then pop over to the DWG blog


  1. The Peninsular War is a very interesting Napoleonic front!
    Beautiful figures, especially the Dutch infantry.

    1. Hi Simone, thank you. Yes I agree, the Peninsular War has so much to attract the Napoleonic enthusiast not least the great looking uniforms of the different factions.
      Thanks for your comment