Friday, 19 August 2022


I'm a great fan of the contribution Helion have made to the military books arena for history nerds that this blog is very much directed towards and indeed, I've reviewed several of their titles here on JJ's, especially, in recent times, their collection of Naval Warfare titles focussed on the Age of Sail.

In addition to providing unique and informing topics for their titles, Helion have also helped lead the growth in historical conferences, allowing interested readers to get to hear authors and academics present on their specialist subjects; and were there during the pandemic lockdown providing virtual access to those authors, which they've carried on post lockdown, making accessibility to those of us at the extremes of the UK to be able to get to interact that much easier.

Thus it was that I received the latest 'heads up' from them in my email this week of a forthcoming virtual presentation over the weekend of October 1st and 2nd with a full and comprehensive range of speakers and subjects covering Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail 1721 to 1815 and, as well as signing up for the princely sum of £10, thought readers of JJ's who've been following my 'All at Sea' collections of posts might be interested to, given the subject matter and the access to follow up recordings for any presentations missed during the live feed, not to mention a 25% discount from their Age of Reason book titles.

See the information briefing below and a link to the Helion site where you can sign up.

These kind of activities help inform the hobby of Historical Wargaming and thank you to Helion for their continued support and here's looking forward to October.

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